February 12, 2014

Double Standards by MNCs when it comes to India?

There are many a MNC (Multinational Corporation) here in India, which are well established and gain much of their profits from the sales in the Indian market and the sub-continent.

Be it a gadget seller like Samsung, Sony or LG; or online companies like Google or Facebook. Each one sees the Indian market as a valuable resource to reap from. The economy of India is growing when compared to 14 years ago, and so is consumerism. Especially when it comes Gadgets and Food choices.

But the Indian customer is not happy.


Because these Indian cutouts of Global MNCs treat their Indian consumers in a different way; actually most follow Double-Standards in treating and dealing with an Indian customer.

There are many, but for the scope of this article we take two MNCs - both have different markets to capture, but often follow double standards while handling customers of India.

1. Nestle India

Tech2Yantra had earlier reported about the treatment meted out to Indian contestants & winners of the Nestle Kitkat Nexus 7 Promotional contest. After heavy protests by winners of the contest, Nestle and indirectly Google had to finally agree in dispatching newly released Nexus 7 (2013) tablets as prize. Also they were forced to replace the older Nexus 7 tablet that some winners already had received. With that immediate decision in December 2013, both companies did manage to abort a minor PR and brand disaster.

But even after 3 months since the closure of the contest the troubles of some genuine winners are not over it seems. Some of the winners among the eligible 1000 numbers in India are still grappling with Nestle and it's authorized agencies to get hands on their rightful prizes, i.e the NEXUS 7 (2013) Android Tablet.

Their qualifying entries to the contest, have now been closed citing some falsely performed Terms & Conditions of the contest, and have been denied the deserving tablets.

Some genuine Proofs that back winners case:

Taking into notice, the group of Kitkat Nexus 7 Winners on Facebook (the same group which protested in Dec 2013 and made Nestle & Google to re-think their decision) are now rallying up for the genuine cases of mistreatment meted out to such eligible winners of the contest.

before protest
after protest

They have opened a petition at to make their voice heard to the contest organizers, i.e Nestle India and it's supporting agency. They expect support from genuine readers who believe that such unfair treatment should be corrected as soon as possible. 

Support above cause and share it, PETITION Link:



2. Samsung India

Talking about double standards, here is another case of differential treatment practiced towards Indian customers of Samsung - A Consumer Electronics manufacturing giant.

The Issue:

Samsung India doesn't allow cancellation of orders placed on their Samsung e-store; a website where you can view different Samsung products and make an order for delivery after payment.

How is that an issue?

This practice is in contrast to similar e-stores of the Global company in countries like USA, UK and pretty much everywhere except India, where-in a cancellation of the placed order is allowed within certain normal terms & conditions.

Even an Indian company like Flipkart allows the cancellation of their products before a shipment is started. Such a customer-friendly mechanism gives the buyer a chance to correct any order that might have happened due to human error or judgement. Similar cancellation systems are provided by other e-tailers like eBay India and Amazon India (both cutouts of their parent USA/Global companies).

Why choose E-Store after all ?

Why the issue should bother Indians? 

India is a key market for Samsung Electronics. The rise to the top for the company has a significant contribution owing to sales in the Indian Market. Also Indians pay more for Samsung gadgets when compared to their customers in US/UK, so why deny the Indian customer a simple mechanism such as "cancellation before shipping" from their online e-store?

" This is Unfair treatment being given to an Indian Samsung customer "

To persuade Samsung India to rethink their policy, popular Video Blogger Ashwin Ganesh of has opened a petition at which has got around 8550 supporters as of now.

So if you have a Samsung device or think that Samsung India is not justified, SIGN & SUPPORT here and also share it in your circles:

You can follow C4Etech and Ashwin Ganesh at:

Twitter: @C4ETech (

Nexus 7 (2013) Review by C4Etech

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