February 26, 2014

WhatsApp Install Hack : How to install and use WhatsApp messenger on your tablet too !

So you have been using WhatsApp messenger application on your Android phones, but can't figure out how to install and use it on your Tablet too ?

You must have noticed that while searching for the "WhatsApp" application on the Google Playstore from a tablet, the app is either not shown or is not available for download and install. This is because it is originally supposed to run on a  a mobile phone having a valid phone number.

But we can easily by-pass this hurdle and install it on an android tablet ! Read on to know how.

1. Download the "WhatsApp" apk file

Go to and download the APK file for Android device. Here's the direct download link: 

WhatsApp APK File

2. If you are on a PC, transfer the APK file onto the Tablets SD card or memory using a USB cable or USB OTG feature, which ever is comfortable means.

3. Open any File manager app of your android tablet, and locate the WhatsApp apk file that you transferred in step 2. Click it to start installation.

4. On the first screen that appears, enter any valid phone number that you wish to link the WhatsApp account with. Make sure you enter the correct country code. For example: 91 for India; 1 for USA. Enter a phone number of the phone which is present with you now. Prefer not to enter the phone number of an already existing WhatsApp account, although it will work too.

Click OK to confirm the phone number. The following screen will appear. Just wait for a while until it completes to give an error. During this, you may receive an SMS on your phone as well.

After the above process, following screen showing an error would appear. Ignore the "SMS verification failed" error.

Now keep your phone ready. Hit the "Call me" button of above screen and wait for a call on your phone. Listen and note down the 6-digit number been spoken during the call. The code will be repeated during the call, so no reason to panic.

Enter the 6-digit number code into the space given in above screen. The phone number will get verified and your WhatsApp account will be created (If the Phone number you gave is of existing WhatsApp account, then following screen will show your profile name. You may edit things there. )

Click "Next" and the following screen will appear; which basically says about the Free usage validity and costing thereafter.

With that, your WhatsApp account is Installed on the tablet and ready to use as you would regularly on a smartphone !


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