February 9, 2014

Google Motorola Moto G launch in India and accessories

Motorola launched its's much awaited Indian version Moto G deal on Feb 5, 2014 at an event in New Delhi, which was co-hosted by Flipkart, the leading E-commerce retailer in India. 

Flipkart then opened ordering pages for two models of Moto G and Motorola branded colored covers, on its website at around 11:50 PM on the same night.

Within 15 Minutes, the 16 GB version of the phone was SOLD OUT and buyers made heading for the 8 GB option, fearing a complete sell out of all units.
As expected within 40-45 minutes, the 8 GB version too showed Out of Stock on their website. So high was the demand that, those who could not complete an order for themselves, took over to twitter and other media at midnight to express their frustration towards Flipkart. Flipkart's twitter personnel faced a huge task of replying to thousands of eagerly questions from potential buyers.

Later in the morning of on Feb 6, 2014, the official launch day for Flipkart; The e-tailer's website displayed a banner telling visitors that the Moto G will be available at 12 PM Noon. Once again at noon, the website faced similar traffic seen during midnight. The 16 GB versions sold out in 30-35 minutes at first listing, while the 8 GB versions remained in stock the whole day.

To the surprise of many awaiting buyers, the 16 GB model surfaced again at around 2:00 PM and remained available for quite sometime before going out of stock. It was clear by afternoon that the 16 GB versions were way high in demand when compared to the 8 GB version.

Due to high demand of the phone, stock issues, logistic overload many
buyers received the cover even before the phone reached home !

The Moto G exclusive colored covers too were in high demand. Within minutes of listing, colors like Vivid Red and Royal Blue were completely taken. Lemon colors stocked out after about one hour or so. Many buyers were left out with less preferred color options such as violet, white or turquoise; many of which are still in stock now.

Buyers got 70 % discount on one cover bought along with the phone on launch day.

Click for Colored Moto G covers.

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