August 20, 2015

Intel PC that fits in palm and connects to a HDMI Display/TV !

Women are probably going to like this portable computer more. Its just about the size of a chocolate bar and can be carried around in a pocket.

Plug this stick into any HDMI port of a monitor/TV and you have a functional Windows PC for daily tasks like Web browsing, Videos, Office work, Music and also Gaming.

Plug it into a HDMI port of a display 

With such a compact form factor for a functional Windows PC that can be carried around in a pocket, sometimes it would surely be better off those heavy Notebooks and Laptops.

This computing stick is definitely a great feature for those people who travel a lot away from their offices and need to access and work on documents. All that needs to be carried along with this stick is a compact wireless keyboard and mouse.

3 things is all you need for a portable Windows PC !

The Intel Compute Stick has got a full sized USB 2.0 port to which we can plug peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, storage devices etc. It also has a micro-SD slot that supports cards upto 128 GB, for additional backup memory.

The device can access Internet or Home network using its inbuilt WiFi and also has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for devices like Speakers, Mobiles, Keyboard etc.

Unbelievably compact size for a Windows PC 

Intel provides a Power adapter (with detachable plugs - US/UK/AUS/India). The box also contains a useful HDMI (Female - Male) connector cable and a USB to micro-USB cable.

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