November 28, 2013

Free calls to USA from India - Use Gmail to Make Free Calls to regular phone numbers in the US and Canada.

We all know about the popular Google Voice Service. It's a VoIP based service through which any person with a Google Voice account can call any regular phone number from a PC or mobile phone connected to the Internet. 

For a user residing in USA or Canada, the calls from Google Voice account are absolutely free within the country limits. For users outside North America the calls are charged according to rates specified by Google. The rates are the cheapest among any other VoIP service or Telecom service providers worldwide. Unfortunately this hugely popular service is not yet available to Google users in India.

We cannot call a regular phone number in India using the Internet. When trying to open a Google Voice account, one will be greeted with a message informing that, "...Google Voice is not available in your country..." and thus we can't have a Google Voice number in India.

But, fortunately, there are procedures and tricks available on the web, following which you may be able to open a Google Voice account in India and hopefully get a Google Voice number added with GV features. But there is no guarantee for it's success.

So what's the Plan-B?

...the answer is the most popular Email service from Google, Gmail !

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Yes, you can call the USA & Canada regular phone numbers from India for absolutely free. You will not be requiring a GV account, but just your Gmail account.

So lets dive into the procedure to setup this free call feature:

1. Download and Install the Hotspot Shield software.

2. Run the installed Hotspot Shield software.

3. Visit IP2Location to confirm that your location is listed as "United States".
If not, disconnect your current Hotspot Shield session and reconnect to get yourself a new IP Address.

4. Now sign into your Gmail account.

5. Click the "Call Phone" icon

6. Dial or Paste the US/Canada phone number here:

Make sure that, the Destination country for the call is selected; In this case it will be USA (see the US flag in above image).

7. Phone number dials and it rings on other side.

Never mind the "$0.01/min" on the image above. You may see it as "Free" written over there also. Rest assured, the phone calls are absolutely free.

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Hope this Gmail Tip has helped you to make Free calls to your relatives and friends who are in the US or Canada.


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