December 2, 2013

Media Remote - Android app for Sony devices with Touch, Text, Voice and Gesture Interface

Media Remote is an android application for selected SONY devices like Blu-ray Player, Blu-ray Home Theater, BRAVIA TV and VAIO notebook. It provides multiple Interfaces on your mobile device to control such media devices. 

Since it works through WiFi, it is possible to control the media device away from line of sight, for instance to pause music on a Blu-ray player in your drawing room from your bedroom. Your Blu-ray player must be connected to a WiFi router/Access point to use the Media Remote functions. As long as your mobile device is in WiFi signal range, you can use your imagination to find many uses. It's alphanumeric text input makes it easy to browse the internet on TV through your mobile device. Use it's voice input capability to search the web or YouTube videos on TV. Your stock remote that came with the TV or Blu-ray player were never designed for browsing internet. A fancy yet sometime useful function of this remote control app is Gesture control.

Watch me use Gesture control on Media Remote Android app while streaming YouTube Videos on TV.

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