May 1, 2014

Play Music/Videos from your Personal Computer to Blu-Ray Player/Home Theater/TV/Media Box

So you don't want to leave your Desktop or Laptop or even couch to reach out to the Music Player/Home theater remote control ?

But want Instant Music playback ? Without any hassles.  

Well if you don't already know this, the simple settings given in the article will make life a bit easy.

" Right Click a Music file and PLAY "

..yeah straight from your PC to Home Theater !

You can easily play Music or Videos from a Windows PC straight onto your Home theater/ Blu-ray player/ TV or any other DLNA/UPnP compatible Media playback device [Hereafter referred as Renderer]

For this tutorial we take a Windows 7 Ultimate Computer and a Sony Blu-ray Home Theater.

Note: For such playback to work, the Renderer device has to have a network connectivity port like LAN or WLAN (Inbuilt WLAN or External). Also it should be DLNA/UPnP/Streaming compatible.

Check for LAN Port on your Renderer device
Faster and Reliable method of connection would certainly be using physical network/Ethernet cable. Connect the Renderer device to available LAN port on the WiFi router. Bring out another connection from the Router/Switch to your PC.

If your renderer device has WLAN support then no hassles of cables. This will obviously be useful if the playback device is not in the vicinity of the PC or router.

Check these Settings on PC

1. Go to Start >> Control Panel >> Network & Sharing Center

2. Click on Change advanced sharing settings 

Turn on Network discovery, File & Printer sharing and also Public folder sharing if necessary.

3. Now click on Choose media streaming options under Media Streaming

If Media streaming is not yet turned on, click button shown below and turn it on.

Click Allow All button if necessary. To disable all devices, click Block All button shown below.

Play Media Files from PC to a Renderer device

Media files include Audio, Video and Image files. The connected renderer device, which is DLNA/UPnP compatible will be automatically detected by the PC.

1. Turn Media Streaming On on the Windows Media Player

2. Select a File from library. Click on the Play To option from top-right and select the Renderer device (shown below)

Click the Play button the start playback of the Media file.

3. Right-Click and Play method:

Go to the folder containing a media file >> Right click the file >> Click Play To >> select the Renderer device [eg: BLU-RAY HOME THEATRE SYSTEM ]

Audio File Playback Snapshot:

Video File playback snapshot:

Playing simultaneously on both the PC Media player and the external Renderer device:


Sony BDV-E3100 Blu-ray Home Theater System (WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth built in)

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