November 16, 2011

Katrina Kaif is on Top - A Tech Perspective with Google Insights

This post aims to gauge the hotness factor or the recall factor of five top Indian celebrity women over the past eight years. The source of data is "Google Insights for Search", a very exciting research tool created by Google to examine the volume of search of popular words on its search engine.With "Insights" we can realize the varying popularity quotient of these celebrities and how people in different regions and cities in India give attention to these attractive women. This method could also gives resourceful Information to Companies on when to market their products.

Following are the five women celebrities chosen for analysis:

1)Katrina Kaif (34)
2)Aishwarya Rai (27)
3)Kareena Kapoor (16)
4)Priyanka Chopra (13)
5)Deepika Padukone (8)

Note that the numbers beside the names are "average interest rating" over past eight years. In other words they explain the relative interest with which people (we can assume majority of them are males) search for these celebrities.

You can see from the chart below titled "Interest Over Time (India)" that Katrina Kaif ( BLUE line ) is clearly on top of other four women with large margin, starting from the year 2008 until Nov-2011. She reaches the maximum rating of 100 in May 2010 way ahead of 19 for Priyanka Chopra ( GREEN line ). The fact that she was way ahead of other celebrities in popularity is strengthened by a research done by mBit Infotech, a pioneer in VAS services. The research was based on searches performed by over 1,20,000 of its mobile users in the first quarter of 2010(Jan-April). In the Bollywood category Katrina Kaif's mobile popularity was way ahead of Sharukh Khan's.

Let's now look at our chart. The films 'New York' and 'Blue' in year 2009 added to her popularity. Year 2009 shows her rise from 29 to 76 in interest rating, over 5 months.  She acted in films like "Raajneeti" and "Tees Maar Khan" in 2010 releasing in June and December respectively. An interesting thing to note here is that she peaked in May 2010 when the music track of "Raajneeti" was released, rather than in Nov 2010 when 'Sheila Ki Jawaani' (the biggest item number ever) was released on Youtube.

Anyways now we clearly know that Kat was always at top when compared to other women.

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Let's now come to other four women.
Aishwarya RaiRED line ) is starting to rise in current popularity from Oct 2011 to Nov 2011 mainly because she is due for her baby. The other peaks (34 and 36) in her timeline are in April 2007 when she got married to Abhishek Bacchhan (son of Big B) and in Oct 2010 when she acted in the movie 'Endhiran' alongside superstar Rajanikanth. Also there was a peak of 36 in June 2010 when she did 'Raavanan and Raavan'.

For Kareena Kapoor ( ORANGE line ) the maximum rating was 32 in Dec 2004 caused by her infamous public kiss with Shahid Kapoor. Since then her popularity has stayed below 25 along the timeline.

Meanwhile Priyanka Chopra's first peak arrived in Oct-Nov 2008 with the movie 'Fashion', the best ever acting by her. The movie 'Kaminey' also managed to give her a rating of 24 in Sep 2009. From there on her popularity is below average.

Deepika Padukone ( VIOLET line ) makes her late entry in 2006. Her single largest peak of 37 came in Nov 2007 with the release of Hit movie 'Om Shanti Om'. Note that she was the most searched during that period, in comparison to other four ladies.

So that was a brief review of all the five women for the past eight years. This analysis proves a direct relation between word search and popularity.

Let us now analyze how various regions in our country search for these pretty women.

Katrina Kaif: She was searched the most by Kashmiri people with average rating of maximum 100. This could be attributed to her paternal origin, since her father is a Kashmiri by origin. The next state which liked to know more about her is 'BIHAR'. Rings a bell? It is followed by MP, Orissa, Punjab, Delhi, UP, Assam, Gujarat and West Bengal. She tops above other four women in every state with tremendous margin.

Aishwarya Rai: She is the most popular in Kashmir.

Kareena Kapoor: She is most popular in MP followed by Gujarat.

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